Lily Yip

370 North Avenue

Dunellen, New Jersey  08812



Tel: (732) 200-5820 


Director of the Lily Yip Table Tennis Center located in Dunellen, New Jersey.

Table Tennis Coach, Promoter and Tournament Director


Certified as a National Level Coach by USA Table Tennis

US National Coach of the Year for 2010 and 2004

Inducted to the USA Table Tennis Hall of Fame (December 2004)


Graduated from Physical Education College in Guang Zhou China in 1987


Player Highlights:

12 time US National Women�s Team Member since 1991

1992 & 1996  US Olympic Table Tennis Team Member and Number 1 Qualifier for North America in 1992 and 1996

1991, 1995, 2003 US Pan American Team Member (2 Gold Medals in doubles & 2 Silver Medals in singles)

US Open Womens Doubles Champion with my daughter Judy in 2006

2 time US National Mixed Doubles Champion the second with my son Adam in 2005

4 time US National Womens Doubles Champion

4 time US National Women's Singles Finalist

The number one player for the Guang Dong Province Table Tennis Team from 1982 to 1986.  Played Professionally in China starting at age 12.


The Head Coach for the Lily Yip Table Tennis Center in Dunellen, NJ which has been designated an ITTF Hotpot for the development of US Table Tennis.

I am the current coach of my children Adam and Judy Hugh.  Both were ranked number one in the US for all age disivions and 2011 US National Team Members .

Adam was a three time US National Men�s Team member (2004, 2006, 2011) starting at age 16. 

Judy was a US National Team Member (2007 and 2011) starting at age 17 qualifying for the main draw (top 128) in the 2007 World Championships in Zagerb. 

Head Coach and Team Leader and organizer for the US National Juniors Teams Summer Training in China from 2006 through 2011

2005-2011 and current US National Junior Team Girl's Coach

2004 US National Cadet Girl's Coach

US Girls Cadet Team Coach to the 2004 World Cadet Challenge.   

US Girls Cadet Team Coach to the 2004 North American Teams. 

Captain and Team Leader of the US National Men's and Women's Teams to the 2008 World Championships in Guangzhou, China
Captain and Team Leader of the US Junior Olympic Team for the 2009 Singapore Games.

Since 1993, I have been conducting Table Tennis Camps throughout the year in New Jersey and New York.

Tournament Promoter and Fundraiser:

Succeeded in securing a Chinese Sponsor that paid for all of the US Teams 2008 Pre-World Championship Training expenses in China

11 FIT Opens (2004 to 2009) in New York City with over 2000 participants and thousands of spectators

2 Polytechnic Opens (2008-2009) in Brooklyn, New York with over 200 participants and 1000 spectators

7 Garden State Opens (2000 to 2006) in New Jersey with over 1500 participants and thousands of spectators

Kam Man Cup Team (2005) event in Rockland County, New York ( a 60 table event with about 100 teams participating)

Suffern Open (2005) in Suffern, New York

3 CCBA Cups (2002-2004) in Chinatown NY  with over 600 participants and 2000 spectators

2002 RPI Open in Troy NY with over 200 participants and 500 spectators

Conducted numerous table tennis exhibitions at schools and community centers all over New York, New Jersey and Connecticut areas

All events have been promoted through the local media including the NY Times, The NJ Star Ledger, China Press, World Journal, Sino-Television, NJ Channel 12.


USA Table Tennis Board of Directors:

Former Vice President of USA Table Tennis

Former Athlete representative to the USA Table Tennis Board of Directors.

A member of many USA Table Tennis Committees including the Junior, Harbat, and Hall of Fame committees etc...